Recommended Reading

The following books are a great read for all beekeepers young and old:

  1. The Australasian Beekeeper (magazine) click here for their website
  2. The Australian Beekeeping Manual – Robert Owen. Available from a number of sources click here for the CSIRO
  3. Beekeeping for all Abbe Warre . Again you can find this in many places on the net. This link will take you to Becs Beehive here in Australia
  4. Bees – Rudolph Steiner . This one is a classic. Can be sourced from many places. Try this Amazon link
  5. Better Beekeeping – Kim Flottum. Many places to buy from. Try this Aussie website.
  6. The Barefoot Beekeeper – Chandler. An absolute favourite of Top Bar Beekeepers.  Check out Phil’s website here. There is tonnes to read and watch on this website.

Also don’t forget our local supplier Jeeralang Apiary Supplies. Click here to their Facebook Page.